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The Ruby Throne

The Sapphire Rose

Domes of Fire

The Shining Ones

The Hidden City




This page was made in honor of David and Leigh Eddings who have brought us so many wonderful novels. They range from contemporary action adventure novels to the wonderful fantasy worlds of Garion, Sparhawk and The Elder Gods. What we have attempted to do is provide a way for new and previous readers to enjoy the many aspects of the Eddings' writings. In the following pages we hope to introduce you to new friends and old favorites. In the thirteen Garion Series books you will watch as Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress mold young Garion to become the Rivan King who has been the center of their being for thousands of years. Along the way you will be introduced to memorable characters like Princess Ce'Nedra, Silk, Barak, Uncle Beldin and the Twins. Garion Series Join Sparhawk in the six book series as he battles the forces of Evil for his Queen, his country and the world itself. With Sephrenia to guide him in the arts of magic and Vanion to guide his hand in combat you will span the globe in a quest of unparalleled danger. Sparhawk Series David and Leigh Eddings embark on a new single novel adventure that takes the reader into a new and exciting world of magic and gods. Join Althalus as he begins his quest with the help of a mysterious cat, Emerald. The Redemption of Althalus David and Leigh Eddings once again delve into the world of fantasy. The release of The Elder Gods is the first book in the four book series of The Dreamers. The Elder GodsIn these three contemporary novels David Eddings takes a look at the dark side of human nature. Includes Regina's Song and watch for David and Leigh Eddings' latest novel The Treasured One.