The Redemption of Althalus.

Althalus - Burglar, armed robber and occasional murderer - is commissioned to steas a book by a mysterious cloaked stranger named Ghend.  Althalus sets off to the House at the End of the World where the book is kept - after stealing Ghend's cloak; after all, winter is coming on.

At the House at the End of the World, in the same room as the book Ghend described, he finds a talking cat.  What he can't find once he's in the house is the door by which he entered.

By the time he manages to escape - with the cat, Emerald, in the hood of his cloak - Althalus can read.  He's read the Book of Deiwos, and discovered a tool mightier than the blunt instrument he once used to disable his victums.  But there is another Book, written by the god Daeva who is the evils brother of Deiwos, and who is trying to unmake the world.

Emerald is in fact the sister of the two conflicting gods, and her intention is to use Althalus to stop Daeve returning all of them to primordial chaos.  Althalus will teach her what she needs to know, which is how to lie, cheat and steal - 'Whatever works,' Emerald reflects - and in return she, more amazingly, will teach Althalus truth, justice and morality.

The existence of the world hangs in the balance in this fabulous and extraordinary story of The Redemption of Althalus.... the rogue destined to steal the hearts and minds of readers.


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